Pharoah In My Past Life lyrics

Lord Apex

Cold stares down long streets
Corrupt politicians, long rain and long weeks
Night outs with the same old faces
3:00am shifts its write mode
Words in abundance while breaking down tri-cones
Jutst tryna find zone, I'm way past time zones
On astral tho, a plane caught never get there
For every life gained this month I know someone who’s lost one
To think chasing a dream could cost one
A spiritual currency unbound to conversion
The 1% creating diversions, raise consumers
So we raise kings queens and tutors
Same way from young I was good with computers
I wonder who was in my bloodline 1000 years ago
A history еrased, purposely possibly
Work the еconomy peep the psychology
5:39 my break starts
Light another incense and place the towel under the door
The earth holds truths in its core
Way more truths in the floor
Don’t like the idea of robots, your future is flawed
Sun already up I’m just preparing for bed
Ash on my sheets, gas off the leash, mark of the beast
Sit still like a pharaoh when he sleep with my arms crossed
Find me in the tombs with my heart loss
Kinda wonder what your heart cost
f**k around with money get your heart lost

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