The Water Rises Up lyrics

Lord Apex

[Verse 1]
Told myself "f**k a job!" I’ll build a mob
Was running with them sinister n***as, n***as who robbed
Picked up a pen like it I’ll write a log
Writing down hardships, smoking on car trips
Wavey by the bar sit dolo thinking back on how i got here
Playing Illmatic knew that one day I’d be top tier
Back at the open mics we barley even got cheers
Now promoters running up they be asking if I’m good
Ain’t never needed much if it’s not already understood
More merch getting shipped threw them sh*ts in the duffle
Every time I hit NY it brings back my hustle
'Cause thе world won’t wait and the money don’t sleep
We applying all thе hurt
That’s more money off a verse still on my first shoe box
All crazy how I do pot

(Its like, the water rise up but it do stop)
Said the rain won’t stop if the sun don’t shine
(The water rise up but it do stop)
Patience a virtue I'ma take my time
(The water rise up but it do stop)
Even told u back then I'ma make u mine
(The water rise up but it do stop)
We been in it too long they can take my shine
Wah wah wah wah

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