Young Grasshopper

Lord Apex

Do you best fam
Do you worst g
Pass that test fam
Don’t try hurt me
Been through mad sh*t
Still up early
Still got old karma
Still might burn me

[Verse 1]
f**k it meet in hell with a S-curl
Situation long really I don’t want a next girl for now
Just wanna play a set get em loud
Mama proud said I’m turning to a man
EM for Adidas there was billboards in a Milan
I could quit right now shave my shave my head start a band
Drop a beat tape n fly out to Cali 'cause I can
Sun beating so my head so it get wrap like Taliban
Trailer park boys smoking Ricky in the caravan
Reevaluate your steps if your patterning a gang
Louis so for culture like I am n they call me the goat
'Cause that’s really what I am

Sorry, I made you wait long
Time to give you everything I made of
n***as still singing the samе song
They’ll fall off it won’t even takе long

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