Cali Swag District
Party Ova Here
Yea, Dollar Sign!
(Adrian Swish)

I got my n***as ova here (n***as ova here)
We got bitches ova here (bitches ova here)
We got bottles ova here (bottles ova here)
We got mollies ova here (mollies ova here)
It’s a party ova here, ain’t nuttin ova there[x2]

[Verse 1:]
Bottle after bottle, molly after molly
Got some bird bitch start lookin like she Holly
An there be bitches after bitches, so I be on em hoes
I be tryna crack dem bitches that none a homies know
They be turnt, they banging, watch them throw up d sex
An I’m jus jumpin I be poppin I’ll be lookin for sex
Well that’s yo friend, that’s a good one baby tell her she next
She call ma phone, I decline an reply wit a text
Like what’s poppin ova there (poppin ova there)
We poppin ova here (poppin ova here)
We got mollies everywhere (mollies everywhere), smoke up in d air
Say we on up ova here (on up ova here)
We gone up ova here (gone up ova here)
Ya’ll loners ova there (loners ova there)
Ya’ll sober ova there (sober ova there)


[Verse 2:]
She see dirk ova here, I tell her come ova here
Ain’t no nerds up ova here, real n***as ova here
I do ma thang in G gang, I got yo man up ova here
Can’t fuck wit lames, won’t say no names
We make it rain up ova here
Yea we way too fresh in d building, money high as a ceiling
Smokin cuter I kill em, only real ones I’m feelin
She wanna hop in d beamer, she tryna live wit a baller
But lil ma not a keeper so she get molly an water
I turn it up ain’t no stoppin
I make yo girlfriend a actress, she bring her friend an we swappin
I thought the benches was poppin (we be fuckin in d club)
An they get mad ova there, cause it’s jus weak ova there
They weak ova there, they cheap ova there