Tony K

"No Offense"

[Verse 1]
Nah you ain’t on the guest list (guest list)
Cause the way you run your mouth
It’s like you got a you got a you got a death wish (death wish)
Pardon me but I’ve been running out of patience
Took the red pill the matrix now I’ve been seeing the fake sh*t
And I just feel a bit anxious
Y’all got just so many faces
Y’all just got so many pages
I don’t want no affiliation with this here
I feel like I’m the only one thats keeping it sincere (sincere)
Possibly (possibly)
I know I occupy your time constantly
Just running through your mind run running
I get the feeling that you running from something

[Pre Hook]
Let’s put it to an end
We ain’t no friends
I mean no offense
But it makes no sense
Why the hell would I
Associate with you
I’ve been on win now
You’ve been on lose
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