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Herbie Hancock Lyrics

The Capitol Studios Sessions (2018)

Trudi's Songbook: Volume Two (2017)

Miles Ahead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2016)

The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam (2015)

Madlib Medicine Show, No. 8: Advanced Jazz (2010)

The Complete On the Corner Sessions (2007)

Future 2 Future (2001)

The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions (2001)

It's Only Rock N Roll single (1999)

Destiny (1998)

Gershwin's World (1998)

Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis 1969–1974 (1998)

The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (1998)

Butterfly (1997)

The Universal Magnetic / If You Can Huh! You Can Hear (1997)

I Will Survive (Doin’ It My Way) (1996)

The New Standard (1996)

A Low Down Dirty Shame (Music From the Motion Picture) (1994)

Then and Now (1988)

Directstep (1983)

Directions (1981)

Herbie Hancock Trio (1981)

Magic Windows (1981)

Circle in the Round (1979)

Feets Don't Fail Me Now (1979)

Third Plane (1977)

Jaco Pastorius (1976)

Secrets (1976)

Water Babies (1976)

Man-Child (1975)

Big Fun (1974)

Death Wish (1974)

Dedication (1974)

Thrust (1974)

Head Hunters (1973)

Sextant (1973)

Crossings (1972)

Mwandishi (1971)

Fat Albert Rotunda (1970)

Gula Matari (1970)

Uptown Conversation (1970)

The Prisoner (1969)

Filles de Kilimanjaro (1968)

Nefertiti (1968)

Speak Like A Child (1968)

Stoned Soul Picnic (1968)

A Day in the Life (1967)

Adam's Apple (1967)

Blow-Up (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1967)

Sorcerer (1967)

Free Form (1966)

E.S.P. (1965)

Maiden Voyage (1965)

Empyrean Isles (1964)

Inventions & Dimensions (1964)

My Point of View (1963)

Quincy Jones Plays Hip Hits (1963)

Watermelon Man! (1963)

Takin' Off (1962)

This Is How I Feel About Jazz (1957)

Future Shock

Jon Hendricks Recorded in Person at the Trident


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