Danny Elfman

"Only A Lad (Demo EP version)"

[Verse 1]
Johnny was bad, even as a child
Everybody could tell
Everyone said, "If you don't get straight, you'll surely go to hell"
But Johnny didn't care
He was an outlaw by the time that he was ten years old
He didn't wanna do what he was told
Just a prankster, a juvenile gangster
His teachers didn't understand
They kicked him out of school
At a tender early age
Just because he didn't want to learn things
Had other interests
He liked to burn things
The lady down the block
She had a radio that Johnny wanted, oh, so bad
So he took it the first chance he had
And then he shot her in the leg
But this is what she said:

He's only a lad
You really can't blame him
Only a lad
Society made him
Only a lad
He's our responsibility
Oh, oh, oh oh oh
Only a lad
He really couldn't help it
Only a lad
He didn't want to do it
Only a lad
He's underprivileged and abused
Perhaps a little bit confused
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh
Whoa whoa whoa
Oh, whoa whoa whoa
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