"Ninja Rap"

[Intro: Enter the Dragon - Williams vs. Han]
Han: "Your style is unorthodox."
William: "...but effective"

[Verse 1: Noveliss]
Welcome to the dojo, the flowjo
There are nine syllables and chopping them like a cinder block at an expo
The martial artist of vocal arson holding a mic to
Despise you
Strider Hiryū with a haiku
Storm Shadow in battle
Snake Eyes and Mister [?] when I attack you

[Verse 2: Ilajide]
Make your cartilage crackle
Snap, pop, when the verse drops
Gelid like it was shackles
Like a [?]
Silence is taboo
It's [?] food for youtube
Watch me challenge an apostle
Of an MC, [?] get a slice like Ayato
It's that Faye [?] sea food
Vs. the [?] gazpacho
Clock a n***a like Ryu
Drego Azul, you drop em'

[Verse 3: Noveliss]

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