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"Brand New"

Shepard Sounds, Shepard Sounds

[Verse 1]
Yo I learned to be a pyro from Uncle Iroh
The Great Dragon of the Midwest Noveliss wreck the syntax
For this championship, you might catch a suplex
From off the top of a freeway bridge, shake a duplex
Noveliss the crowd pleaser, coming down from the rafters
Scorpion death dropping your whole faction, Russian Leg sweeping your favorite rapper
With a baseball bat to his Adams Apple
How you like them apples? You don't wanna grapple
In a world that's run by an a Apple, that cell phones a vulture
Word to Siri, rise of the machines while I Rage Against The Machine like De La Rocha
In a constant state of rage from what the cops done
I might be "Rolling down Rodeo with a shotgun"
It's 2016 and these people act like they
Ain't seen a brown skin man since they grand parents bought one
I gets bionic mech warrior rhyme, they run from the don
Looking like I came from Gurren Lagann..

Brand new, brand new, brand new
Brand new, brand new, brand new
Uh uh
Brand new, Brand new, brand new
Shep, Shepard Sound brand new, brand new, brand new, brand new

[Verse 2]
Live from the c*ckpit about to drop bombs in your Synopsis
I plot twist, bad to the bone you couldn't touch me with a paleontologist
When I rock sh*t Madara Uchiha run through your whole squadron
Visual prowess for blind cowards with minds devoured
Incapable of leading they selves they bred for following
You better watch what you feeding your brain that's how they modeled it
Use rap to bust minds down to incompetent
The Matrix boy I got deja-vu glitches swimming in my speech patterns
For rappers who try to say sh*t, the Virus, you not IT you need some guidance
I swim through life's devices with out compliance
You don't know the science, couldn't touch gold with the midas
Cannibal on the mic, I catch the itus, And I might flip
When my switch gets flicked, you better be incognito
When I work with the pen Like a CO
(Figaro, Figaro)
Shoutout to the Villian I'm Magneto, Make your gunplay obsolete though
Pull Wolverine's adamantium skeleton through them cheap clothes
The man in the helmet keep my thoughts from the telepath
To keep my mind free on this rhyme spree
Trying to get over the hump so these raps ain't in vein, that's a IV
My hand and this microphone indivisible like a Siamese
So how you want it, the evil genius, Lex Luger or Lex Luthor, torture rack or some high tech machine sh*t...

Brand new, brand new, brand new
Brand new, brand new, brand new
Uh uh
Brand new, Brand new, brand new
Shepard Sounds, brand new
Shepard Sounds, Shepard Sounds
Noveliss, Mic Swordz, brand new


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