"Villarosa (FWYS)"

[Verse 1: Gio Quintos]
Puff a piece, through my piece I’m
Da Vinci with the third eye
Reaching for my dreams, I’m a nice guy
Sky’s the limit, I can’t stand to quit it
Get with it on my funky sh*t, I’m too sadistic, came to kill with
Deadly aim and disdain for the game I don’t play
From what you say man, I came to make a statement
I know I’m heavenly hated but heaven knows I am the greatest
Hello to my haters, feel my flow when I know you taste it
Young Killa from Manila with a dealer's soul, I glow indigo
Couldn’t show with your GoPro
Even in slow-mo, go for broke
Been livin’ life la vida loca
I rolled the dice of weed and coca
My momma is a chain smoker
And papa died from a Villarosa
Popped shots to the head and the game was over
I’m the b*st*rd son of politics and dirty money, man
Smiles in my country it’s the furthest thing from funny
And the President is bubbly, and all my people are hungry
And all the evil’s around me
Around you the eagles don’t fly free
We clip wings so big things that sh*t, don’t stick
Unless you thinkin’ on the brink of better things blinking
Sick in the system
Rise and resist ‘em
Grip with a pistol, whip them and flip some cheat like Dimsum
Can’t be free to stay dumb
I hate vacations and stay on my front like
f**k what you say
I’ve been cleanin’ all my sins away
Trying to find a better place
Bring your folk and taste the grace
I hope I’m not too late to break the bank or lace the cake with (?) like
I know you hate me
I know you hate me
I know you hate me
So I go, so I go
So I go, so I go

[Hook: Gio Quintos & Erica Tolentino]
f**k what you say
I don’t care what you do
Let us have my own way
I’ve been making my moves
Like, f**k what you say, man

[Verse 2: Curtismith]
Paint of a picture of my pain, mama, I’m ashamed, took a picture of the liquor to forget about the stains
Pop was like a train, had a son that’s such a lame
Ever since he saw you brain dead, nothing’s been the same
Everything is changed and I’m lost
The game’s got a cost and I gain what I can cause I aim to be the voices that I listen to
And they say to stay the course
I pray you pave the way that makes me glisten like the stars
They say the world is yours
They say the words to save the world is listen to the Lord
I see that as a flaw
I’m waiting ’til the day that I get to say that to the source
I’m looking for direction like the way they face the mosque
I’m lost
And I’m so psychosomatic
I might go like I’m Michael on the day I leave the planet
I’m an addict on the mic
And they tell me I’ma have it
I’m following my dreams towards something I can’t fathom
They say to chase your passions, but is that really true
I’m just a young man that is looking for the truth
I’m trying to make a plan, you can hear it through the booth
And I plan to trust the Man, can I put my faith in you?
You, with the a-s after Jud
You, you don’t strike me as a dude who would ever give a f**k of the things I’d have to say
Maybe you might give a f**k if there was pu**y on my face
But hey
I ain’t one to judge
Tell me that I’m stupid ‘cause I study in The One
Tell me that I’m ruthless ‘cause I’m never giving up
And tell me I can’t do this I ain’t ever give a f**k

[Hook: Gio Quintos]
f**k what you say
I don’t care what you do
Let us have my own way
I’ve been making my moves
Like, f**k what you say, man

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