Rob $tone

"Pull Up On It"

I hit ya b*t*h then pull up on it
I woke that b*t*h up in the morning, yeah
I start my whip up in the morning, God damn
So many pictures I look gorgeous, yeah
A different b*t*h when sh*t get boring, God damn
A pretty b*t*h up in my other pad
I get a grip and then I blow it
I think she miss me, well too f**king bad

[Verse 1]
So many chick, I look gorgeous, yeah
So many bricks, some being imported, then they going out
Ooh God damn, so many whips and each are foreign
Whip whip my wrist up like these motherf**kers orders
Ooh God damn, Ooh God damn, b*t*h I'm a quarterback
If any list come by my sh*t, they put me on it
I seen a b*t*h and think, "I want it"
Speak proper grammar for my b*t*h in California

Ooh watch out, ooh God damn, my money longer
If I ain't need it, then b*t*h why the f**k you calling back
Get with this sh*t or just get going
That ain't ya b*t*h, you can't control it, where she going
She right back, on my lap, look how she throw it back
I get that, I understand that she ain't going back
My conversations so explosive, she ignore ya tags
No complications when I want it, 'cause I own it now
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