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Paul Shapera

"See Our Show"

Raven baby, the show is all set and ready. we're just waitin fer you, sugar

( sighs) All right then, let’s show em how it's done

Goodbye now to all you knew
The pain of birth comes for you too
All before will fade to black
And once youre through theres no way back

(audience sounds)

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the main show! Tonight we have a very special performance, simething we like to call The Seduction Of Helen! You'll love it, darling, it’s a scream, an absolute scream, darling. Maestro, music please

Though i'm sometimes seen with gentlemen i do make the exception when
A particularly luscious specimen of the gender known as feminine
Such as yourself miss helen comes across my path every now and then
And the tango of seduction begins again...

That's your cue, boys

My baby, he done left me
So long ago from now
They've faded the years
Until now that you're here
To relight that flame somehow

Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, we're expecting you

Long ago, way back when we
Were so young then oh Lloyd and me
Strapping lads, in love were we
Each with the Gift and with a dream
Ah the worlds, him and me
All those timelines oh so sweet
Swirling and diverging and we swam it all did we

Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end
When we were young, like gods out on a spree
Like surfers on a sea made of reality
This could be yours, a tale of you and me

You should have seen us back in the day, Miss Helen. Two post humans, each with the Gift, in love, on a whirlwind of adventure and romance, back when i was David Adams, building the playhouse and the carnival, surfing narratives like waves… this could be you now. It'll be the best time of your life, one you’ll never forget (sighs) or get over

Uncle raven, the subject, of Helens fantasy
She wants him, so badly, says Raven take me please

Be my angel, my angel, be my angel be with me
Someday you learn and you will burn like my heart…
Someday love will find a way, what moronic suckers pray
Crappy musicals will say someday love will find a way

Would you like to ride on my beautiful balloon?
The world is awful nice on my beautiful balloon

We could float among the stars together you and i
Oh we could fly, we could fly

What a power couple we can make my love!
I know it’s all a bit sudden, but trust me, one of our kind hasn't emerged in generations, and the last one... what a waste, mountains in the west my ass. Many who awake don’t make it, self destruction, insanity, some get lost in little, recursive sub realities... but I can show you the ropes, guide you through your flowering, just join me, end my decades of imprisonment and lonliness

It's a beautiful night
We're looking for something dumb to do
Hey Helen, i think i want to marry you

I'm getting married in the morning
Ding dong the bells are gonna chime
Pull out the stopper, make it a whopper
But get me to the church on time

Church on time, church on time
Church on time get him to the church on time

Do you Raven take Miss Helen to be your lovely little queen
To have and to hold til death do you oart?
Oh i do, i do... woah, déjà vu

Raven baby

This carnival has roamed the outer narrative byways for centuries. It is legendary. We just.. had a skirmish with a demon that went dreadfully wrong and since then we’ve been trapped in the collective unconscious with all our doorways broken. But now you're here. A fresh start. It could be like it was at the beginning. You have no idea the wonders i can show you, just consumate the union my love

Whacha gonna do now, Raven?

Im gonna tap that tap that (what?)
Im gonna tap that tap that (what?)
Big ol butt, big ol butt, im gonna tap that big ol butt

Big ol butt, big ol butt, he's gonna tap that big ol butt

Give it up, give it up to me, give it up to me
Give it up, give it up to me, give it up to me
Give it, give it up, baby give it, give it up to me
Give up, give it up, give it up, well give it up to me

I dont want anybody else
When i think about you i touch my self
I touch myself, yeah

Goodbye now to all you knew
The pain of birth comes for you too
All before will fade to black
And once youre through there's no way back

What's wrong? Godammit Helen, i offer you worlds to explore, power to weild, creations to build! whats holding you back? Are you in love with someone else? No! you are! Who? Oh please dont tell me it's sheriff sexypants. How droll. Is it? Who is it helen? Who's my competition? Who? WHO?

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