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Paul Shapera

"See You All Again Soon"

The time has come for us to go
We've had so much fun you know
But alas all good things they must end

Just walk through there and do not stray
At the other end the world awaits
Perhaps you may see us again

Out there the mad run the streets
The powers in the hands of freaks
But you know where to find us by now

When you’re lost your last screw
We'll be waiting for you
Our carnival's come back to town

Tunnel Girl:
Hey mister. i dont often run into people down here? You lookin for something? I'm looking for my sister

Is her name Helen by chance? It is! You know, i did just see a helen. I can take you to where she just was. it's not far, it's... sayyyy... have you ever been to the carnival?
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