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Paul Shapera

"Mary’s Song"

Of love i reminice sometimes
The joy and pain and wonder why
I miss it less and less as time goes by
The human heart it's lows and highs
A vicious roller coaster ride
Which never gives you peace while you're alive
At long last tears will never come
When love's last memory is gone

I barely now remember when
Feelings ached and longings dreamt
Such a curse they all seem in the end
And now our minds are free to reach
To evolve to heights unseen
Are we whole or have we lost something
Will we miss it when it's done
When love’s last memory is gone

So many tears, and fears i had
The anxious dread that drove me mad
I'm glad to see it fall away
These feelings one by one withdrew
And empathy went with them too
Was love worth all the other pain
At long last tears will never come
When love's last memory is gone
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