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Paul Shapera

"Performance Review"

We learned a great deal from the gabriella gadfly debacle
Although in the end poor helen lost her mind
We learned we needed ever chnging stories
And you needed personas with which you could identify

But the romantic spark between you and han mi
Had to be squashed, so we configured hank
To embondy her subconsciouness psychological desire for a father
And he also released a pheremone that reacted with her brain

It affected her like a drug, much like an opiod
But you, helen, were broken, stark raving mad
We wiped your mind, tried to reset you
But it was clear even then you were the sacrificial lamb

Our war is like chess match where you can't see your opponent
Pieces move while you're not looking til your options are spent
We'd never make a plan our future selves could not guess so
We went ahead and brought aboard a.... consultant
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