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Paul Shapera

"Helen’s Lament"

I can’t do this any more
I’m not that strong i can't go on
I can’t do this any more
I wish for home, but there’s nowhere to go
I had a show and i had friends
I loved them both until the end
Even if it all was just a dream

Outside that dream it's cruel and mad
There's nothing out here that i have
My heart cannot break any more it seems

All my dreams are gone and dead
I’m broken deep inside my head
I’m tired i want to wish it all away

I love you both i really do
You'll be here when i am through
Remember me when it was better days

Was i a girl like the cabaret said
Talking with shira at night in our bed
Saturdays scolding han on the stage
Laughing with henry and smiling with hank
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