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Paul Shapera

"The Dwarves"


Hey wa no
Down here burning while the wheel is always turning and a
Hey wa no
Down here turning while the worlds always burning and a
Hey wa no

... when informed of the news of the loss of Mars shuttle. Despite succesful attempts to launch other manned flights into space, the Mars shuttle disaster is a massive setback for the Sohanguk space program, long considered the most advanced in the world

Attacks have begun by the city state of Cascadia against the fairy city of Avalon, mere days after Cascadia declared war on the controversial city. We have a special report coming up in just a few minutes

In more disturbing news, a new study shows anti fairy violence is steeply on the rise across the continent, despite fewer and fewer public appearances by the troubled species. Experts warn that even New Albion, a long time oasis of tolerance, is now increasingly hostile and the few Fae residents remaining are urged to take extra precautions
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