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Paul Shapera

"The Assault"


Lock and load let it go the loathesome sideshow
Is coming down up on the town
Blaster in your hand it's a bedlam jam
We'll be kicking it up all around

Fire in the hole, it's a breezy stroll
We'll have tea in hell today
When the blood red dogs come and do a job
And send you on your way

Basheq Latef:

We’re the party you should pray you never find yourself at
When we show up even lucifer p*sses his pants
We eat havoc for breakfast, mayhem for lunch
We Wash down our dinner with a bucket of blood

When you hear that we’re bringing our sweet party to town
Say a prayer for your knickers cause theyre gonna be brown
Bringing people to their maker you could say is our gift
We’ve met great Cthulhu and we made them our b*t*h

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