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Paul Shapera

"The Albinos"

Han Mi:

The battered group of refugees staggered to the other side of the gate, where a different world awaited them. They soon encountered an otherworldly forest, full of glamours and strange colors

They followed the sounds of drums until finally, some hours later, they reached a settlement where an Albino tribe greeted them and granted them audience with their red haired queen

Lillith, The Albino Queen:

Elysium is not the end my children
There are places still above it you must know
And in these far away ultra dimensions
There were two gods in love once long ago

To show her depth of love unto to her lover
To pick a living jewel the goddess pledged
That glowed with such exquisite bliss and wonder
But which sat above a well that downward led


Alas, in her attempt the goddess stumbled
And she and the fair jewel they both fell down
That well went through realms and through dimensions
And she shattered when she hit our world’s ground

The pieces of this goddess still they linger
They are the souls of our albino tribe
And bit by bit we all then will reform her
Once all of us have been born and have died
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