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Paul Shapera


Han Mi:

Although now beyond help, Xander had written down this new bio-science in carefully explained chapters with a word of caution to never study beyond chapter 7. The notebook solved the riddle of extreme flesh and body manipulation and after careful study, Jane could now alter human form in ways previously unimaginable

The refugees meanwhile, were increasingly disturbed by the effects staying in the fairy realm were having upon them and were worried for their long term sanity. After careful deliberation they decided to head back to New Albion, but first, each was bio-altered according to their wishes, creating a fantastical, mutated army dedicated to retaking and claiming the park


Home, i wish i was home again
Somewhere i could lay my head on down
Home, i wish i was home again
Somewhere safe, to set my burdens down

Shanty Town Residents:

We’ve got flesh that's been remodeled
Bodies you will not believe
We’ve got claws and wings all kinds of things
Grotesque and odd and sweet

We’ve got bones in shapes unheard of
Tech that you could never hack
And someone’s been sleeping in our bed
And we’ve come to take it back

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