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Paul Shapera

"Jane Makes Her Peace"

Han Mi:
In a mad rage Jakob chops off his left arm. Utterly consumed by anger he... no, please.... he assaults Jane, brutally beating.... i can’t… im sorry, i can’t do this

Its okay if its over, it was worth this stolen time
To see there's more than darkness, to see that there's still light
I would have died despairing, would have died with faith all done
Im glad i met you miss, now i can die still feeling love

Now i know that even though the monsters sometimes win
Sometimes rule and paint the world blood and black and pain and sin
Behind them all there's magic deeper than they can attack
And when the darkness passes all the magic will come back

At last i understand why sometimes everything you give
At last i understand why Xander did the thing he did
At last i understand sometimes for love you sacrifice
And the hardest to forgive can be yourself but you must try

One day you will wake, and darkness it is falling
And cruelty rises up to have its day

Some will hide and cry, and leave the girl whose dying
Some will lie, deny, rely on others then to guide them
And they’ll hide away, turn their gaze, cower deep inside
They’ll weep and close their eyes, hope and sigh, pray that they don't die
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