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Paul Shapera


Han Mi:
NO. NO!!!! NO!!!! Not again! I can’t do this again! I can’t…

But this is what’s happening, you can’t just give up on her!

Han. We’ve lost control of the narrative and now it is spiraling into darkness. You turning your back will not stop this from happening. If you have any last ditch Hail Marys, anything at all, now is the time

You are creative. You are competent. You are her last hope and you CAN do this. Think outside the box

Jakob stops as a figure emerges slowly from the shadows

You will leave her alone, you will go
You will step down or i swear that you will know
Such sorrow, grief you can't believe
Screams of anguish and of strife
And in your torment and in tears you'll scream and cry
To end your life, i’m Han Mi, i
You will beg me then to die
Beg me cease, unholy things
Pain and woe you will know if you do not let her go
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