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Paul Shapera

"Put on a Show"

Han Mi:
And so Jane and Symbel finally cross the breech, back into Xandoria

It’s horrible here! Are your people even still…

There! It’s okay, we’ve reached the park

Jane! You’re safe! Hurry, we’re leaving

Han Mi:
And so Jane and the fairy enter Xandoria, amidst the war and chaos. The singularity has come. The experiment Xandoria has committed itself to has reached fruition

As havoc rages in the besieged city around them, slowly all involved stop fighting to gape in wonder at the sight before them. Xandoria rises into the air. It has become a bioship, an imposssible, organic vessel; flesh, technology and nature smeared together in undescribable new formations, people and nature part of the very ship itself. It continues to rise, away from the war torn city, up into the sky, leaving the troubled world behind it, heading into the vast and wondrous cosmos before it

Well done everyone! I didn’t think we were going to upll that off. I thought that was going to be another Cambridge

Don’t remind me. You know, i did always say i would see that city burn before it was all through. In any case, i shall see you two later

Not wasting any time, huh

I am going to get me a real body. At long last…

Want to grab some carrot cake, dear? I know a lovely place in a little steampunk narrative not far from here

Sure, just, give me a half hour to… i just need to get myself together

Raven: As you wish, dear

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