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"LISTEN, HEY : It’s Your Day"

First up show no love to someone in the way
If I'm throwing shade, my bad, that’s not what I meant to say
Getting trophies on my mantle, people talking b*tch like menstruate
Show me an example or your body's how I demonstrate
Moulton from the candle on her body then I penetrate
Hit the high notes from my jockey making Melody levitate
Sushi with Wasabi and sake, I'm gaining belly weight
Making bread from a raw seed, every grain I sell and make
Telling the devil, I don't sell a fake
Not a villain; I am several. My name Cruella Snape
All Hail Caesar! Knowledge is power, I'm a wealthy ape
Here come treble with that hella bass
Wrote this on the West Coast interstate
Hoping I can feel this dope a different day
Focusing on dreams and goals to obliterate
Most the folks on the globe don't affiliate
Most of y’all are just as yolk as what a chicken lay
Approach all of our fears with a limp and sway
I am just a mortal man influenced to die with the greats
Put your glasses up to cheer, right now I'm sipping grape
Excuse me misses, I'm not trying to hit or slay
Can not give up six inches if I want to win the race
5”x7” is the distance in almost every picture frame
Where is Nicholas? I’m slipping in your Pintrest and Insta page
If music is a drug then I'm getting dinner raped
The two things in my cup: coffee, whiskey; bitter taste
Suwoop in my blood, Muggle wizard rage
There's a whole storm coming right now I'm just dripping rain


Everybody is beautiful so shout out and appreciate
Coming fresh to your door, ChowNow for your dinner plate
Getting checks like a foul towel on a strippers waist
Everything in my mind is out loud so Listen, Hey
No more sleeping in
Puff that chest out
Don't forget to eat your Wheaties
It’s Your Day
It’s Your Day
(Today, today the day)
It’s Your Day
It’s Your Day
I hope you’re feeling like, ya

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