(Arnie Woods)

Diamonds dance on me, hop in the Benz while I'm talkin' (I'm talkin'), huh
I got n***as in the clear, n***as trap with the trap walk in (Trap walk in), huh
I know hitters that'll air a n***a block when the opps walk in (Opps walk in), huh
Now I just ride in the Wraith, gotta thank God, amen (Amen), huh
Try to f**k with me and my gang, n***a, no we not them (No we not them), huh
Can't turn my back on my gang, huh yeah, I got them (Yeah, I got them), huh
And all in my clique, huh, someone shot him (Someone shot him)
Seven n***as in my clique, huh, always got them (Thraah), huh

[Verse 1]
Diamonds on me dancin', yeah, I'm from the bottom (From the bottom), huh, huh
Every way I go, thе b*t*hes know who I am (Know who I am), huh, huh
Every f**kin' place I go, thе shooters know where I am (Know where I am), huh, huh
Tried to run up on me, n***a, no I got them (Thraah), huh, huh
Pillow in that Lamb', pillow in the Cayenne (Pillow in the Cayenne), huh, huh
n***as say I sound like Future, huh, no, I'm not him (No, I'm not him)
n***a, I am the future, huh, no more top ten (No more top ten), huh
n***a, I'm from New York where we get it poppin' (Get it poppin')
I got n***as in New York, yeah, my n***as grindin' (n***as grindin')
n***a go and state my humble sh*t, they're not tryin' (They're not tryin')
Young n***a gettin' that money too, know I've been gettin' that dollar (Gettin' that dollar)
I've been in and out of stores everyday, I've been dripped in Prada (Drip, drip)

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