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The Lady of Rage

"Lady Heroin"

[Verse 1: J. Flex]
Now when I first met her
I was down in the dumps
Cause my pumps and a bump
Jumped Town, with some chump named willy lump lump
Feelin' sad and mad hurt
That’s when this fly honey walked up to me
In a brown leather skirt
She sat on my lap
She said: I heard that you rap
Well, I got some prime-time skinz, that you need to tap
I never met a girl, so I front with it
So I took her to the crib sparked a blunt with it and Hit it
It was the bomb
Yo, the dope blew my mind, got a n*gga floatin' on cloud 69
Then all of a sudden she start flippin' and script talkin'
About "what have you done for me lately"
Like she hate me
It wasn’t no romance without the ends
She had me robbin' and stealin' and illin'
Just to hit the skins
I was open
You could drive a bus up my nose
My friends tell me I shouldn’t mess with these type of hoes

Lady Heroin, you know you diss all that
Yo it's the bomb baby
You got me hooked like crack
Got me dealin' over back
Cause it's the tap that cap
I used to be like a mack
Now I don't know how to act

[Playing samples](2x)
(Snoop sample: The pus*y was the bomb
Had a n*gga on sprung. I was)
Shootin' up
That's that sh*t in my bloodstream

[Verse 2: J. Flex]
Even though I’m a fiend
I can’t break free
Cause everything’s so serene
When she’s on the scene
And can’t nobody tell me ‘bout my boo
I even wear a tattoo trackmarks on my arm, black and blue
But she didn’t feel the same for me
She had a jealous boyfriend by the name of O.D
Now O.D. was short for Over Dose
And whenever he caught
n*ggas pushin’ up on his girl
He made em comatose
Lady heroin had me thinkin'
I could get toe to toe with O.D
But he showed me
Damn my n*gga told me (Told you what?)
Not to mess around, but I had to clown
And now they diggin me a 6 foot ditch in the ground
So take it from me yo, the negro with a tag on his toe
I’m tellin' ya not get with that hoe
The most scandless female
Once you’re under her spell
She crosses your blood cells
And send you on a highway to hell


[Verse 3: The Lady Of Rage]
I’m off in your bloodstream, snatching your cream
Can’t get enough of me
It seems ya fiend to the extreme
A nightmare but not a dream
Realer than real estate
Once I penetrate you mind-state
Ya never get ya scrilla straight
I’m on a mission to invade your soul
Open up your brains and let me take control
I put it on ya, never had a love like this
Made you steal and kill for me baby with just one kiss
I could sentence you to die
In the blink of an eye, of a needle
I feed you evil on the sly
My supply, non-stop, skin pop until you drop
Blood clots drippin' out your snotbox
I got your brain locked
House lady of the hot spot
Black widow
Sink my teeth in ‘em, inject 'em with that China White venom
Then i’m off in 'em
Swimmin’ in that bloodstream, gotcha
Now you a fiend from lady heroin


Lady Heroin (3x)

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