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The Lady of Rage

"Microphone Pon Cok"

Microphone pon cok
Keep it lock

All the n*ggas know the steelo
Rock on the regular
On the flow, yo

"The pon cok lyricist" - Redman 'It's Like That (My Big Brother)'

[Verse One: Madd 1]
It be the dawning of a new era
Check the terror of clever, style
Shot in in any type of weather
Hail, sleet or hurricanes, monsoon rains when I rule
Fools even if they pack tools they can't loosen my screws
My style's crisper [?] in the whisper down below
Filthy steelo, not the bullsh*t with the glitter
I glimmer like a nova, roll over
Horizons in a Range Rover
You can't survive even with luck from a clover
Four leafs
I prefer the seven leafs of Budapest cess
The potent strain like Dristan mist that eat your brains
I got more flavors than ingredients in delis
Making all these n*ggas jeally cause I'm strong to the max
In fact
I can wait for 50 years 'fore I bust
And then erupt and crush MC's without no ring rust
Be getting stupid when I rock
Microphone's pon cok
Keep it locked

Microphone pon cok
Keep it lock
From the corner to the crevices, straight 'round the block
Like a locksmith me lock it down lock
Everything cut down and everything stop
From the god everything must flock
Coming from the mic hand every place run hot
Don't play [?] and stop
X amount of [?] strictly hip hop

[Verse Two: The Lady Of Rage]
Excusez moi baby boy
I'm hitting harder than your left jaw can withstand
So withdraw, I
Likes it rough, rugged and raw (and what)
A microphone fiend, super supreme
A fool I pity like my girl Nikk B I let off steam when I'm
Wrecking sh*t, I'm a force to be reckoned with
Causing definite dysfunctions
You couldn't connect to my sh*t with conjunctions
Get eaten like luncheon meat, capiche?
Not one can compete, roll with the elite squad and we roll deep
Rock from Alpha to Omega
Lay your cards on the table get verbally disabled
You best, pick up a thesaurus
Your sh*t is bull like Taurus
This ain't your Day so don't try to play Morris
I bust back with lyrics that break bones like bats
Crack my knuckles, get touched by the untouchable
I be one of the baddest
Put up your Dukes cause I'm a Hazard
You're gonna need a miracle like Jesus of Nazareth
To save your from disastrous
Repercussions cause we be bustin'
Dogg Pound much too much and
Them n*ggas still don't give a f*ck so
Ha, duck down, ha
Rappers are in danger
You don't want to feel the wrath of Rage there's too much anger
I'll rearrange ya whole train of thinking
What was ya thinking?
My loose lips got your ships sinking
Ya dead and stinking
Ya did, ya done
Lyrical murderer remain number one and that's how it is son


[Verse Three: The Lady Of Rage]
The microphone pon cok, lock and key
Smack dab in the middle of my pocket baby you don't wanna lock with me
Cause I'm not to be f*cked with
You can't touch this
The French I speak will spread you out like mustard
I'm luscious
The dutch is extra large like deluxe is
Yo bust this
You don't wanna clutched within my clutches
It'll be a rainy night in Augustus
Georgia on your mind?
Nah, slaughtering these rhymes
At any given moment at any given time
If anyone think that I'm lying
Show your stuff
Where ya want it?
Head or gut?
I'm thinking I've had about enough
I think you done ran straight outta luck
For you chicken heads talking that chicken head cluck
Ya stuck
About to get plucked, so what?
I'll take you at uh, 20,000 degrees or
At 20,000 leagues under the sea
You try to play big fish I play you like bumble bee
You couldn't blow up the spot better than this if you were the una-
Bomber, I got that sh*t fatter than your mama
The drama
Raging and my nine
Take Ini or any
Come mosey on over my way baby I got goods and I got plenty
If any, step they'll get flipped like pennies
Heads or tails
Call it in the air
Get blinded by the diamond puff glare
You're stuck in a stare
I double dare all these hot shot that think they too hot to trot
You ain't got the Motts
Your sh*t stinks like Fox
Turn it up a notch
Who's hot? You not
Do stop
You just got dropped
By the one who's got it locked
Microphone pon cok

Microphone pon cok
Keep it lock

"The pon cok lyricist"

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