The Lady of Rage
Chemical Burn
"It's the Lady Of Rage"

It's time to set it off, bet it all, y'all know who the chick be
OG with two puffs that look like Mickey
There ain't many
If at all any who can keep the cracking like me
With 'gnac and Henney
Splatting plenty with Mac and semi-
You can't see me never, blind motherfucker Penny
I'm a cut above the rest, you be that squeemish type
That tower in Italy?
What I'ma leave 'em leaning like
Got monumental potential on an instrumental when I flow through the demo
Sewed up needle and a thimble, weaving
Kim Kimbo
Enter the Dragon, then spray that flame that's been rekindled
Hotter than the chemical burn
I blaze
Go against Rage, better give 'em an urn
I don't give a fuck if you white, black or mulato
Asian, American-native or Mexicano
Mano a mano, you don' stepped in some guano
Mess around, playboy, get found drowned in the grotto
I come out cuttin' and scratchin' my fight game Serato
My fight game is Floyd like when he destroyed Cotto
Dumb bells, biting they thumbnails
But what one fails to realize is
Still I rise
Still I be fly
Still I'ma fee-fi-fo-fum
A giant for you new jacks in the land I come from
So, middle finger to my critics on the Internet
Don't be upset cause I'ma vet and I'm not finished yet
Never forget, I turn a booth into a casket
The questions that they askin', is Rage a bastard?
Yeah, I'ma dinosaur
I'm a Tyrannosaur
Rix-Rex I dare you to come test
Heifers want beef but shit you ain't that built
I put carnations on that mad cow and make a pet milk
You don't know just how come, I spit tomahawks
Geronimo, scalp 'em
Ex 'em out El Hadji Malik Shabazz, Malcolm
Lady of Rage, get outdone, by the one you can't out gun
Release the Kraken
I'm a beast when I'm rapping
Extraterrestrial, sapeo, sexual
You think this a game, like basketball trunks?
Well, I'mma skip the crossover and go straight for the dunk
I feel like Lisa, lets see, Lopez or Leslie
Not Waterfalls or injuries can put out my spark
I'm the flamethrower lead 'em out the darkness
It's the world premier, like the birth of Christopher Martin

DJ DJ DJ Premier, (say what?!)
DJ DJ DJ Premier