The Lady of Rage
2011 BET Hip Hop Awards - Survival of the Illest Cypher
[Verse 1: The Lady of Rage]
I never played, so before first grade I skipped the playpen
Pen game was flame before I learned to tie my laces
Rage is where the plague is, no containin'
Sick with the spit that I spit, I inflict contagion
Inhale the ether, they can't breathe easy
When I'm around I leave 'em little wheezy like the son of Cita, uh
I'm Chiquita, bananas, y'all monkeys
Wouldn't bust grapes, argh, I roll with gorillas, for realer
My *****, [?] Planet of the Apes
Rise, all hail Queen Kong, peons
That becoming' soft, I knock the stuffin' out your dingdong, [?]
I'm in it to win it 'til I become
The hottest chick that run the third rock from the sun
Lyrically, you would be a fool to fight
With the Robin Givens of spittin', shit, I'm true to mics
Yikes, I'm goin' in like a lifer
Step into your radius and decipher your cypher

[Verse 2: Blind Fury]
[?] let me try it, this is the big
Payback, stupid, get lost, I'm a big boss
Like Rick Ross, it's Maybach Music
I make cats lose it, 'cause when they realize
They part of the reason I'm startin' to sleep on rap music
I'm AJ with the style, 'cause I go free
Now e'rybody and they mama wanna know me
I'm on that OG, feelin' like I'm supposed to
Came to ruin it, and I'm doin' it 'til it's over
It's gon' take a little bit more than this to move me
I'm on B.E.T. more than the Biggie movie
Ain't lookin' for no girlfriend, just a clique of groupies
Call me Wiz, 'cause tonight I'm tryna get the chewy
I love New York, but out of town's sweeter
I cheated on Irene soon as I found Keisha, so
Nuff respect to alla crew in all d'area
Right 'ere on the street is where we-a bury ya, boom
[Verse 3: DOM KENNEDY]
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Even though I can't see me
I know I look good right now on your TV
Throw my shades on, call me young Stevie
Leimert Park legend, we just make it look easy
And I'm countin' my money, every day sunny
I earned my spot, you ain't takin' that from me
Tell the fine girls start shakin' that for me
West Side get the money, start makin' that for me
It's the unfadeable, who the best is debatable
But I do it with no label, though, yeah
I said we goin' all night wit' it, prolly ain't
Seen this since Suge Knight did it, girl, you look good
Tell her, get right wit' it
I can't do a show in yo' city if the price isn't
[?] when I walk in, I can tell that they feelin' me
I hear the girls say, "That's DOM KENNEDY," [?]

[Verse 4: Skillz]
Yeah, yo, yo, if you a rapper from Virginia
Then meetin' me should give you the chills
I'm the reason that the world expects you to have some skills
Y'all better call Rozay, dude
'Cause this verse gon' need like nine 'unnhs' and twenty-two 'woos'
I ain't kiddin' around
You got BET in HD? Well, you might want to hit that now, 'cause
I'm never home, I stay gone
Y'all was everywhere, now you're never there: pay-phones
Clutch fast, spit mustard gas
And when haters say my name it tastes like crushed glass
They students, I crushed the class
Plus, y'all never came in, like Jay-Z's moustache
Top me? Don't be crazy, chump
Unless one of these guys decide to show a baby bump
Shout Mr Hill and Ms Lee, oh, and the award
For who destroyed the cypher, that goes to me