Aaron Sorkin
Too Sexy (for my shoes)
[Intro: CJ, {Toby}]

[Chorus: CJ]
I’m too sexy for my shirt
Too sexy for my skirt
Too sexy for the other... things

[Verse 1: CJ, {Toby}, *ad libs*]
{What in gods name is-}
He got the question
Majority leader
Last night local news Cleveland Ohio
Oh-me-o, oh-my-o, oh Cleveland Ohio!
*What’s the question?*
{Why do you want to be president?}
*And what did he say?*

[Bridge: CJ]
The reason I would run, were I to run, is that I have a great belief in this country as a country and in this people as a people
That go into making this country a nation with the greatest natural resources and population of people, educated people
[Verse 2: CJ, {Toby}]
(gun noise)
{I’ll spread it around}

[Chorus: CJ]
I’m too sexy for my shoes
Too sexy for the blue
Too sexy

[Outro: CJ]
(gun noise)