Funky Friday



[Chorus: Dave]
At this age, how are them man still hating?
My young boy in a different country
But he ain't ever been on vacation

One hand on the girl I'm dating
One hand on the cash I'm making
We come through like Funky Friday
And have all of your mandem skating

[Verse 1: Dave]
I came in, 550 on trainers
Island girl amazing, could be Bajan, Trini or Haitian
She, got a bag with flowers
If the trainers match I'll take it
Me and bro just shut down Gucci

Had the whole of the shop floor waitin'
Who's that girl in the line
With the big behind that's looking all tempting?
If, her friend is a dead ting
Take one for the team with a bredrin

Two, peng tings at the entrance
Want attention but a man can't let them
She, must think I'm a reverend
You ain't comin' here getting redemption, no way

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