I grew up in Streatham
Teachers was givin' man tests
Same time the mandem were givin' out testers

I got peng tings givin' man stress
I ain't gotta sex it, message or text it
I don't wanna do you and I
Like I'm in Leicester skippin' my lectures

We used to ride 'round all reckless

[Verse 1]
Stolen 'peds, that's Geely and Vespas
And the feds called my broski restless
Said he got a charge in the car, no Tesla
And everybody 'round me rowdy
I walk in, tell the jeweler, "Wow me"
If you're talkin' 'bout P's just 'low me

19, I put 19 on an Audi
I'll never forget that day that I found me the cutest caramel brownie
And the chest and back both bouncy
Trust me, everyting shake, no Saudi

My G just came out for a shooting
And Ramz done a madness, charting
Say that man got something in common
'Cause trust me, both of their tings been barking

If you see him at a drinkup, park him
Do it like Jordan, run up and spark him
My G's been on badness, way before they had a moustache like Stalin
And this ting's all love and hate, 'cause a lot of man love to hate
My young G done draws and eights
Now he's cuttin' through bricks like the 1-1-8
And I ain't on indirects, diss me, and I take that personal
How you gassed off a note that's purple?
Bet you never got it off white like Virgil

Two men and an angry Merc
That's war wit' a German, Winston Churchill

It's mad when man wanna murk you
But you know you gotta be in by curfew
And I seen a lot of man get pressured, why?

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