[Chorus: Burna Boy]
If you send me the location
Then I'll be right there
And make I come check you, my baby
No time, no
And my dawg is on probation
Another 5 years

Me bring girls to his location
No time, no

[Verse 1: Dave]
Send me the location
This year ’bout vacations
Flight catching, train taking
Soon as my n***a off probation
Your boyfriend's on a waiting ting
Looking for one wish, on a Ray J ting
I pree'd that girl, outrageous ting
But she can’t see 'cause I got shades and ting
Bare girls wanna throw shade and ting
No shade, what shade is your foundation in?

Darkest grey, the shade I'm in
49 more if your babes wants in

I had me a famous ting
Goals and tings, gains and tings
My house party a babe station
Girls wanna chase, it's a status ting

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