[Chorus: J Hus]
Smiling like a nice person
Came on a Rambo ting, everyting camouflaging
Looking like a bulletproof vest, nah, that's just a body warmer
Big man gossiping, there's noting worser
I swear I'm a father for them man
Bring something larger for them man
Disaster, disaster for them man
Them man, them man, them man there
Make a one trip there, just to make a one ting clear
Then fly out to Edinburgh
I'm so fly, I might just pop my collar
Need a zoobie to roll
Left eye look through your soul
I'm blinded by love while I'm winking at you
I'm thinking out loud so you know I'm always thinking 'bout you
Same time, I don't think I'm too irrational

[Verse: Dave & J Hus]
f**k beefing with babies
Catch a man raving
We're taking your paper, your 'yac and your ladies
Fistfight, this b*t*h bites like it's rabies
Drop from your baby, catch him there
I'm standing here
Bumped into Dave by the Santander

You was in the same spot you was in last year
You said, "Life ain't fair"
I know man who live life in fear
This time last year
You were on the same block, standing there
Smoking, gossiping, chatting bare
Don't tell me that you ain't involved
Them Jme 'cause a man don't care
Man don't business, love no witness
Hug no traitor, spud no snitches
Man try live this, never knew he had a clitoris
Have man for breakfast, talk about hit list
I bring the fire, you a liar and a backstabber
I'm with the born-chasers or I'm with the cash grabbers
I'm doing mathematics, automatic, never static
And she don't know my real name, she thought I was Patrick
Sit back and smoke a baseball bat
You think this is the life but it ain't all that
I've done some evil things that I wouldn't take back
I keep it to myself 'cause people wanna chat
Keep it to yourself, people wanna talk
Flossing in the gossip's how you end up in a war
I got nothing for a fed, copper for your head
And that's the definition of a penny for your thoughts

We just live and maintain
We on the same streets but we don't play the same game
You're the type to get caught and go and play the blame game
You should be ashamed

If I stick to my heart, I put my stick to your brain
Let it rip for the pain, they put sh*t on my name, 'til I grip and I aim
Dip on a plane with a brand new name
Mummy, I got a flight to catch
All for an internet gangster or a cyber-man
Mike Myers man, a couple tries tried to try a man

My boys put stars in the hood like I'm Stryder, man
I know people wearing Rollies doing life in can
Isn't it ironic that they couldn't find the time to plan?

Still keep a faith in God, still couldn't spare the rod
Marcel, you know me, I came with the blazing squad
You better pray to God whenever I'm in town
Like a kid in a divorce, I'm leaving with your spouse
I can't make a horse or the river open its mouth
You ain't got the drive, that's why you're in a drought

Life's great, I'm in Sweden or Copenhagen
Getting brain from a Dane whose first name I can't pronounce

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