[Verse 1]
I gotta speak out
I know heartbreak well, man, I got her on speed dial
Me and suffering got the same dad
Me and pain go way back
And it's hard to explain but

Oh, my love, I hear voices
Oh, my love, I hear voices when I sleep
Oh, my love, I hear voices
And the voices
They say you’re everything that I need

I can't get 'em out
I can't get 'em out my head
I can't get 'em out

[Verse 2]
Look, I don't wanna waste time
But heartache's my G I can get her on FaceTime (Right now)
Mother's life
I don't know envy, that n***a lives on the other side
But the struggle my bredrin
And the hustle my best friend
I heard of regret but I don't know him as well as my last few ex's
All this pain must be the reason
The reason that
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