Sik World

"I’m Lying"

I just like... I've never really talked about this, you know?

[Verse 1]
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
This can't be fixed, I'd rather weep
I hate this house, I'm dying to leave
My mom's a snake, my dad, he drinks
Don't know my dad, he don't know me
We're not like how we used to be
We don't connect, we hardly speak
He tries to drive, I hide the keys
I'm babysitting a grown man at seventeen, at seventeen
He's f**kin' p*ssed and starts to scream
My heart races and skips a beat
We're face to face, I can't believe
That every day's the same old thing
We fight all night, I hardly sleep
I wish he'd listen to me plead
A sober you is what we need
This wears me thin, I'm feeling weak
I feel hopeless to say the least, f**k
He never slows down, uh, never slows down on the whisky
The more shots he takes, the more risky
Most times, things tend to go south quickly
He's depending on liquor, we're depending on him
He's calling outta work, there's no money coming in
We're about to lose the house, how can we let it slip?
Factor in the fact that I have to hold all of it in
I hate when...
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