I Hate New Years

Sik World

It's January 1st, 2021
And I’m in my feelings
And I just wanna rap
f**k a hook

Yeah, why do I feel like I'm depressed?
I feel like my whole life is a mo'f**king stress
Sometimes I see the news and wish that I could die next
It’s a crippling feeling that most could never digest
Every January 1st I don't wanna wake up
That's the day I met this girl who totally f**ked me up
Mentally, the PTSD hurts and all of it sucks
It left a hole in my chest that money can't cover up
Was never enough, I felt it deep in my bones
Always feeling disconnected, always glued to my phone
Tired of fake friеnds, I cut 'em off, so now I'm alone
They don't lovе me for me, they only love me 'cause I’m known
I got fans who support me and wanna see me win
But I feel like a loser, I’ma need a bottle of gin
I made a million dollars but there's nothing to give
If there’s a god, tell me, where has he been?
I been searching for real
Every new years, I get in my feels
'Cause I hate the way that I f**king feel
I got scars that don't heal
It's a new year, but it’s the same pain in my heart
And that's a hurt that's gon' stick with me still
I wonder if real love is something that I could find
In a world full a fakes who keep wasting my time
I been questioning my faith and I'm losing my mind
If god is real, then show me a sign

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