Yung Bans


[Talking: XXXTENTACION & Yung Bans]
I'm ’bout to do your song today
What song you 'bout to do?
Uh, ready, set, go, ready, set, go
My motherf**kin' twin
Ready, set, go, ready, set, go
What you got in your mouth?
What you you got in your mouth?
What you mean? I don’t got, I don't got nothin'
I took, I took my sh*t out
Why you take it out?
You gon' get, bruh, you, bruh, my sh*t was perm'
I ain't did come to Rolling Loud
I came to Rolling Loud Sunday
X, say what's up to my girl
What's goin’ on, you good?
(I don’t know)
This somebody girl, so I ain't keepin’ her, I ain't trippin'
Oh my God
I was just callin' you to let you know I’m finna do the song
Ayy, ayy, bruh, do it, do it, and then call me, n***a
Alright, I got you
I'ma see you back in Miami
Alright bro
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