Yung Bans

[Verse : YuungBritish]

(Dee B got that)
I'm in road and I still got time
Kicking in the wing when closing north in line
I'm still the same n***a, no way 'bout the line
Walking in, drops on me (Yeah)
I don't do part the time (Alright)
Even when I'm getting sucked up (Faaaa)
Know the strap to run
I know a n***a faking (b*t*h)
We ain't ever see his background (Yeah)
Spend a little Quarter mil' (Alright)
Surround your b*t*h round (Faaaa)
n***as saying chandeliers (b*t*h)
When I have my wrist round
Please quit the homicide (Yeah)
You're gonna make me a discount (Alright)
You see, you ain't faithful (Faaaa)
Ima show you how your b*t*h bounce
Spraying like a wild fount (b*t*h)
You can't put in nah

Burning all my money that's a homicide (Yeah)
Burning all my money that's a homicide (Alright)
n***as mad, that ain't right (Faaaa)
Younger slip, talking about us and they gonna take him down
I just bought a ring to f**k her (Yeah)
I swear I'm in the right path (Alright)
b*t*h turn arround
I just bought a chain to f**k her with 100 pound
Falling of a n***a
Never we ain't do that (Alright)
100 million strong
f**k a hoe
Molly with the bird got you right (b*t*h)
I'm shooting fact (Faaaa)

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