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Lil West


[Intro: Razor Jay]
Yeah, uh, it's Razor Jay
Lil West on this b*tch
'Bout to kill it, check it

[Verse 1: Razor Jay]
And you know I stay 'bout it
Call me Rowdy Ronda Rousey
'Cause I knock you out so easy
It's ten seconds, so easy and breezy
And I stay on the purple lease
That cheddar, stay clear from me
I pour up, and then I lean
Already know me 'cause that's how I be
Do what I [?] 'cause I'm Razor Jay
You should already know that I'm not f*ckin' gay
If you f*ckin' with me then my boys gonna spray
Then it's time to go out and hit the parlay
Go up and go I stay doin' my thing
Girl on my di*k, yo she givin' me brain
Hyped up, I'm hard to contain
Just like a lion, I'm too hard to tame
Runnin' this sh*t like I'm doin' my laps
Usain Bolt, like I'm up on the track
Ain't nobody here faster than that
I'm young as f*ck, tryna get to this wrap
Or maybe I get to the trap
Sellin' sh*t, I rolled up a set
It be that blue dream
And you know I stay so clean
Woke up, then popped a bean
Or dropped that up in the lean
[?] yellow, but the [?] green
Not Taco Bell, no this not a supreme
Tomatoes to lettuce, then add sour cream
The veggies, the fruits, it don't matter to me
As long as I'm out, always chasin' the green
AKA, I be smokin' the weed

[Verse 2: Lil West]
Lame n*gga, stay n*gga
I don't f*ck with you and I don't hang with ya
Your main with ya, gang with ya
I'll shoot around until that thing hit ya
Whole motherf*ckin' clip, bullets flying down like the rain n*gga
In your whip, I let it spray
This f*ckin' choppa gave you hydroplane n*gga
I still didn't f*ck with these n*ggas since I was a jit
I whip in this muf*ckin' coupe
I'm f*ckin' all over ya b*tch
And she tryna be my lil shawty
But she don't like suckin' the di*k
I jump in the muf*ckin' Audi
I show y'all how fast I can dip, yeah

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