Pack the Pipe
[I dedicate this to buddah...this is our song dedicated to
Smokin' weed, 'cause we smoke lots of mad weed all the
Time...mad mad mad...so Tre, Tre since we smoke a lot of
Mad weed...you got what you want Copenhagen
Give the people buddah...indoe gentlemen...a lovely yell oh
That old boy...you must love the buddah...listen man your
Mother's (weed beat) is hip-hop...you gotta (scrosho

[Verse 1: Slimkid3]
Trapped in the c*ckpit at forty thousand feet
The sky is the limit, but we supersede
The greed for the speed is like way beyond limits
I grab my parachute with like forks and spoons in it
And I'm falling, I'm falling, my heart rapid rushes
Death before my eyes, oh why did I trust this?
My reactions are repeated over and over and over
Oh it seems like I will never be sober

[Get up, pack it in...high...I love gettin' high...Im'a get high
'till I die...can I have a light my brother...where is my bud]

The pipe, the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
The pipe, the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
The pipe, the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
The pipe, the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
[Verse 2: Bootie Brown]
I look in every hip-hop magazine it seems
That the blunts are being pa**ed around the scenes in teams
And the ganja man with contraband in lesser amounts
I guess 'cause understands he has his chance pa**es like Fouts
But his pa** is incomplete 'cause I can tell in the smell
To let the dutchy pa** me by, let the left catch hell
If I wanted to smoke tobacco I'd get a skinny white b*t*h
I know that Fatlip carries a pack to cure the nicotine itch
Because the only itch I have is for the indo or sens
So don't pa** me that mess or try to even protest
That it's adding to the flavor 'cause the old one was fine
Won't you pack the pipe and keep it moving down the line


[Verse 3: Fatlip]
I got a big ol' blunt, I'm lampin' on my front porch
About to put a torch to it, then Coco said don't do it
Please don't hit that sh*t in front of my little four year old son
She sent him inside the house meanwhile my Sheri steadily rolled one
After the other, then another, 'cause I'm rollin' in the dough
So we rolling the indo as if the kid didn't know
He's lookin' through the window, yo why we tryin' to hide it?
To make a boy grow to be ignorant and misguided
About the bud!? Now I have to play the part of the adviser
Because the bud is just the tasty tantalizer
The bud not the beer 'cause the bud makes me wiser
(Figaro) So I said come here little man
And with his little hand, he grabbed the pipe
A lesson in buddah blessin', not too young, just right
So he started blazin', it was amazin'
My lungs are black and shriveled up like a raisin
But who am I to deny the kid a try
At nature's little way of sayin' hi?
So pack

[Verse 4: Imani]
Twisting turning burning
Rings of fire when I come into ya layer
Say ya pay yer fare for the fee
I see
The pipe, the pipe is what I like
I'm Imani and I'm hype give me the pipe tonight
I really wanna smoke it, I really want to smoke it
I choke it
The endo no jokin'
I'm doin' it like this
[I hope I do not get this by anybody
By anybody
By anybody
By anybody
What? uh huh uh huh

Well where's Quinton, Quinton, Quinton where are you?
Yo Quint, Quint come're who got a lighter?
Imani got a lighter...ah kick somethin' on the mic]

[Verse 5: Quinton]
Why does your mother smoke pipe
With crack on the inside
She likes to take a bus ride with a sherm stick in her mouth
Preachin' about
What the world's goin' on
I don' know what's up
The b*t*h smokes
A lotta heron
Every day a hard
I don't' know what to say
Where's bus (stop) we'll call you up
Let's pack the pipe
The pipe, the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
Let's pack the pipe
Who packs the booty on the side (wipe)
I crack
I've lost track
It's a cheap f**kin' pipe
I saw ya...
[Say when]
The pipe dammit!
Now it's dark inside nostril and inside nose he completed the run