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Queen Key


Hello, it's your soulful b*t*h (Queen)

n***a eat pu**y like it's Thanksgiving
Talk 'bout me, but your b*t*h ain't winning
Talk 'bout me, but your wrist ain't ringing
I'm a real b*t*h, I'ma handle my business (Handle my business)
n***a, I'm woke, I wanna lay up
Pay thousand pounds, I wanna cake up
All my time n***a wanna take up
b*t*h crossed that land, I wanna make up (No, no, no, no, no)
Trip to the bank and my sh*t don't stain (And my sh*t don't stain)
I don't give a f**k what a b*t*h gon' think (What a b*t*h gon' think)
n***a MP and you gon' thank
And you sippin' on drip and sippin' on drank
I'm a round b*t*h from the head to the toe
Talkin' that sh*t, make 'em hear to the stove
Take, take a n***a money, make come here 'til it's over
And a lil b*t*h on a best, on a boat
I'm a motherf**kin' GOAT
Where you wanted that? I put it on your throat
I'm cold, but it's summer so I ain't got a cold
Queen Key killin' sh*t, murder she wrote
Queen Key possible murder she go
Queen Key just murder these hoes
Okay, I'ma kill all these b*t*hes
I get in like "I'm bad, I'ma reel all these b*t*hes"
If it ain't 'bout money, I don't feel that, b*t*h
n***a, where your mom? I'ma be on that b*t*h
I ain't with the drama, I seal that b*t*h
Half that, ho, I peel that b*t*h
Yeah, I'm your mom, that real savage
He be in now like a real cabbage

Hmm, this sh*t too lazy
I can never stop 'cause these b*t*hes made me
I be makin' hits for me, I'ma save it
All I need is a blunt and a f**kin' Fiji, b*t*h, I'm the f**kin' Queen Key
Have a nice day

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