Foreign Forest

"Strawberry Skies"

Foreign forest:
When you're next to me
Feels like destiny
Kill me, rest in peace
Feel invincible
Baby you're all I need
All the stars in the sky
Shine for you and me
Where'd your man go?
Girl did you leave him at home
Good you better off alone
Come through baby
Let's get sentimental
Take some photos
Let you take them home
Ayy, you look prettier without your clothes
Strawberry skies
Shе got kiwi eyes
Smoke 'til it's dry
Buzzin likе a fly
Blown like a blizzard
Feeling like a f**king wizard

Corey slabs:
Ima kiss you
I feel like pepe le pieu
Ask me what im into
Even when you know it's you
Lets remember all these pictures
Taking polaroids, girl, and shots of liquor
Yeah i'm f**ked up
Off the drugs yeah
All these endorphins yeah
They got me f**ked up woah
Yeah i'm f**ked up ohh
My heart so frozen it's oh so cold
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