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[Verse 1: JIMMY★RICH]
I never saw it happening
I've given up and given in
I just [?] heart
Again, what a feeling
I didn't [?]
But suddenly it all seems so right
Me and you, what a feeling
What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter, the sunshine
Brighter the sunshine
Let the rain fall out of here
I'm yours and suddenly, your mine
Suddenly your mine
Your mine
Oh, Slick Lips

[Bridge: JIMMY★RICH]
It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun
Sun, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine

[Verse 2: Joji as 'MC Ruckuss']
Yo (MC Ruckuss)
Yo, check it
Beats N' Miso [?] stepping in the area
Tearing a whole in the o-zone of the criteria
Musical malaria, coming from above
The rhythmn we all love fits the crowd like a glove
Ain't got no labels we able to keep it stable
With black stones [?] on the timetable
Slick Lips is ripping and tripping the beat like [?]
All you hoes rocking with the king of beatboxing
Jimmy Rich with the mic hyping the crowd
Lifting the hands in an eyebrow higher than the clouds
Being average, being savage
Because we manage to have a lot of fun when we're on the stage dancing
Feel the music and use it [?]
Cause we discovering [?] can never have enough of it
A travelling circus, no other group can serve us
Beats N' Miso music group rocking at your service
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