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"CAN’T GET OVER YOU [Remix] ft. Joji"

[Intro- Keatsdidit, Joji]
(I can't get over you)
(Can't get over you)
(And before I die I pray that I could be the-)

[Verse 1]
Why you tryna play me
Shot my shot d**k Chaney (Yeah)
Auto-correct can't save me (No)
I been chilling in your graveyard waiting
I know you got time (Time) (Time)
I know your phone flash when you get a text right
I know you like lyin' (Lyin') (Lyin')
I know you gotta check when you 'round your man right
You know I'm not blind (Blind) (Blind)
You watching Netflix, and it says you're online or Amazon Prime (Prime) (Prime)
You're gonna be mine, so remember that (Yeah)

I can't get over you
Can't get over you
And before I die I pray that I could be the-

[Verse 2]
I been waiting, I been chasing
I can smell your pheromones like bacon
You're no good for me
Baby come ruin my world
You're the Peach of my new Super Mario World
I'm so stuck on you like a hanging fingernail
Take me by the shore, put the shovel in the purple pail
I try to lie to myself in front of you
I don't even f**k with you, I don't even f**k with you
And in my mind you know I'm in a different mood
I don't need a substitute, I don't need a substitute
For you
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