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"2 Ways!"

Kankan on the beat
Rambo way, hahaha

[Verse 1]
Okay, woah
Let's get one thing straight, ha
I don't do all of that talking on Instagram, lil n*gga, where do you stay? (Yeah, yeah)
He want a hook, want a verse, want a feat, well then lil n*gga you gotta pay (Woah)
Ha, n*gga try me and he gon have hell to pay, aha
I was just broke lil n*gga, yeah, I had to make a way (Make a way)
Hang with them broke ass n*ggas, yeah, I had to break away (Yeah, aha woah)
Still remember them nights when I had a bail to pay
Every time I see them blue lights feel Iike I'm going to jail today
Mama told me don't dwell on the past because it's a new day (It's a new day)
You should've f*cked with me when I was nobody now it's too late
I started to outgrow some n*ggas that'd say I was two-faced
I don't give a f*ck 'bout that n*gga I just want the blue face (blue face)
Swear that n*gga be tripping you need to check your shoelace
This rap sh*t and this jug sh*t I came up two ways
Oh, you need that Cashapp method well we got a few ways
Hit me up if you got a Venmo let's make 2k
Still [?] how to act if my song end up on 2K (No)
Bad b*tches hit my phones yeah I met that hoe today (Ya)
Say she like how I pull up in that AMG coupe
Ha, now I'm all in her mouth just like a toothache (Ha)

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