AJ Tracey

"Psych Out!"

They'll never be the same as me (No, they could never be)
Froze to death, my diamonds screaming RIP (They screaming RIP)
They'll never be the same (Never)
Scream, "Auf Wiedersehen"
Psych out, leave this place in flames (Never)

[Verse 1]
This is Gucci that you've never seen (Never, Gucci)
Label say the kid's on fire, I'm dripping kerosene
How'd I look so clean when I got all these felonies?
I feel like a human jukebox with these melodies
Don't get mad, I get drops (Yeah)
Meet and greet with my opps (My opps)
Call for guns and not cops (We call)
Dem man know it's on top (Shoot, shoot)
See my drink, it's remix (Yeah)
My Latin bae be too thick (Too thick)
I'm wavy, baby, don't trip (Okay)
She suck me 'til she seasick

You couldn't play me if you wanted, I'm a rockstar (Rockstar)
Just got a plaque for singing, mummy, I'm a popstar (A popstar)
My Fendi scarf keep spinning, made it helicopter
Hey mama, went and bust my wrist, I need a doctor (Doctor)
And I got magnum on my liver (Magnum)
If you order smoke, it's coming next day, I deliver (Deliver)
Need to buy a coat, 'cause all these boys make me shiver
Grab the waist, the pu**y started running like a river (Just like a river, yeah)
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