AJ Tracey

"Choose Sides"

[Intro: All]
Come be my baddest (Yeah, yeah)
Tell you my secrets (Yeah, yeah)
Come be my baddest
Something about it makes it a habit (Oh yeah)
And we don't need to choose sides
We can move right, how you wanna (Yeah, yeah)
No, you don't need to be shy
When you aren't shy like the others

[Verse 1: AJ Tracey]
sh*t, sh*t
You're the baddest yat
And you've got the maddest back
Harrods is my happy place
You made it from the saddest trap
I ain't talking tigers
We was dealing with some savage cats
If we're tryna smoke it up
I'll show you 'bout the cabbage patch
And I ain't got that many friends, 'cause they fly by
Got you in my whip taking shots, that's a drive-by
I don't trust a girl if Nyge don't like em 'cause that's my guy
Left-hand driver was speeding up the right side
Tell that girl if she ain't riding she can kick rocks
I was on the gillie in a trackie and some thick socks
Bad gyal from the islands make it tick tock
Ice on my tee and I got Liptons in my wrist watch
A-Jewellers when I'm tryna get my water right
Flower-set diamonds on me, skating like a quarter-pipe
Come be my baddest girl and let the secrets out
Sipping on this Hennessy it's due to let my demons out
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