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"’20 CHRIS"

Small circle, no bodyguard
Rockin’ the Ebbets Field garment like a armored truck

Sip the Body Armor got me powered up
Game-winning assist, salute the teammate
Never take credit for sh*t, that make the team break

As a young’n man, I needed them waves
But now I just need a clean slate

Finish this tape and meet the Q3 release date
And in the meantime, generate some new demand

Y’all ain't buying songs?
Well good, I’ma sell the plan

Countin’ pennies
I should go get some Hardaways
Countin’ all my blessings still
I been through so much harder days

Win some
Dropout to dominant
Smoked out to prominent
Walks along the promenade, flights out to Oaktown

Championship aura, they say I look like KD
And with that being said:
That mean they love me when I lose, hate me when I win
Yet again
Never allow myself to be hindered by those unwell wishers

All those who lost interest, lost interest
On the flip side, I stayed in
Kept raising the stakes: septuple or nada!

To some, I was persona non grata
But i'm still getting love in the church so-- why even bother?

Going 12 rounds with karma
I like my chances going to the judges cards
Although i've touched some lives, left some scars
All that work we did at Jackie Rob, touched way more hearts

I know I’m late but I’m still on the way
Do you want it now or do you want it great?

You want the bond or a throwaway?

Cuz it’s about 30 million of ‘em
Whose only specialty is giving you bluff

I might’ve touched it twice or once but now I’m off that stuff
Set the precedent so forward, they won’t catch up

Christian is the name my mom gave me
Wisdom is the game that God gave me (x2)

I’ve been called to create
Streets might call but I’m headed home to glazed salmon on plates

She asked if I’ma tell the kids about my 20 bag and slice days
Asked me how I feel about my pops and his road rage
He did the DASH in ‘91
It was a Hit & Run

Came back to the scene for a couple Christmases
Then he got his wife and two kids and sh*t, huh

I never met my little brother, I don't know his truth
But when he hear this record, just let him know we cool

Have him call the office, they gon’ put him through

This is my mental which I’ve broken for you
Listen ye all of it
This isn’t all of it
Only an offering
Studied through all the pain
Life was a hurricane
Still I emerged a King

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