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"DJ Skee Freestyle"

We don’t care when the verse start, n*gga
Ay, Other People’s Money ho, pay attention

Verse 1: [DOM KENNEDY]
She just be holding me down, I be holding her steady
I’ma player foreal boy I done told you already
Told her fix me some food but don’t cook no spaghetti
I’m not pressed for no pus*y sh*t I’ma bone when I’m ready
Now I’m just that guy talking Aaron and Teddy
Throw some money in the sky and make it look like confetti
I swear these n*ggas not ready I made her kiss on my belly
I already had the Rollie went and got me the Pressy
b*tches f*ck with me heavy n*ggas f*ck with me heavy
And I feel I am the best cuz that’s just what they tell me
I’ma kick it with Kelly, I be creeping with Chrissy
Off that Cristal & Whiskey man she really be tipsy
Then she really get frisky tell a b*tch don’t kiss me
Cuz when you with yo man girl you swear you don’t miss me
She be telling me lies, sh*t I already know
I’m coming out Leimert Park but you already know
I got a 5.0, I’m on my way up the street
I’m finna hop in the booth and make a freestyle for Skee
I ain't hating on you why you hating on me?
You n*ggas stay up in the club like it’s 2003
sh*t I’m 10 years later and 10 years greater
Tell her let’s smoke now and hit 10 beers later
I’m good at her house I put my foot on the table
She ain't have too many channels so I hooked up her cable
And she say I’m a angel tell the b*tch I’m danger
I might see you in the mall girl and act like a stranger
They say Nipsey from naybors Jay Rock be banging
But that Other People’s Money is the sh*t that I’m claiming
For the tops where I’m aiming b*tch I’m not in the cadence
If I ever get a Porsche it will not be a Cayenne
On the blocks where I’m staying I just c*ck and I spray em
Cuz all these b*tches on my f*cking jock when I came in


This is a DJ Skee exclusive

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